Investment-based Immigration

Investment-based Immigration (EB-5) is a way that an individual can obtain permanent residency (Green Card) via making investments in the U.S. The primary purpose of EB-5 visa is to promote the employment of U.S. workers. The investment must be at least 1,000,000 US dollars and must create 10 or more jobs for U.S. workers. EB-5 is recommended to those with substantial financial resource - at least, twice of invested funds.

Investment-based immigration procedure is different from those of other immigrant visas. A temporary two-year permanent residency is initially granted to the investor. After the expiration date, the investor goes through an evaluation process where he or she is judged on whether the investment was maintained and has created 10 or more jobs. A successful evaluation will grant a 10-year permanent residency (Green Card). Creating 10 or more jobs in initial two years is not easy for the investor. Experienced lawyer is key to pass the evaluation.

Many investors are interested in investing in programs listed under “Regional Center,” described below, expecting to recover their original investment amount. However, an “investment”is always accompanied by the risk of losing the money invested. Thus, it is illegal to guarantee the recovery of the original investment in any investment-based immigrant visa program.

What is Regional Center?
Regional Centers are USCIS-designated programs where indirect investment programs are made available to the investor. The requirement of regular investment immigration - investment of 1,000,000 US Dollars or more and 10 or more jobs in the U.S. - are reduced in order to promote active investment in the program. The USCIS approves investments that will benefit the regional economy and show significant employment benefits. However, an investor must note that such investment opportunity is generally available only when no U.S. investors desire to invest in the program - it means the return on investment can be questionable. We advise our clients to pursue this option if their focus is more on the purpose of obtaining Green Card than getting the return on investment or recovery of investment.